Should you have an orgasm while pregnant?

When it comes to sex and pregnancy, we are now aware that it is totally fine to have sexual relations while pregnant. There was even a time when it was recommended to avoid orgasms during the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy to prevent any complications.

But is there any situation where you should avoid it when pregnant? The answer is YES!

There are situations where you should avoid having an orgasm. Here’s the list:

  • Multiple pregnancy (Expecting twins or more)
  • Risk of premature labor
  • Imcompetent cervix
  • Partner has STDs
  • History of miscarriage following an orgasm
  • Rupture of the membranes

Also, if the mom has an history of premature labor.

Don’t forget, always ask your doctor if you want to be sure there is no inconvenient for you! Hope you learned something new! Let us know if there is any topic you would like us to talk about!


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