Baby shower dress: Style Keepers

If you’re the kind of bumpshell that lovesss bandage dresses, now this is YOUR baby shower dress! We spotted this dress on a few bumpshells and you definetely need it(even if you’re not pregnant!). You can get it at StyleKeepers and the dress is: FEEL THE VIBE BANDAGE DRESS! Tip from the bumpshells: they didn’t buy it in a bigger size because the fabric is really stretchable! We like! Scroll down to see how the bumpshells styled it!

Rebecca Judd, TV HOST, @BeccJudd
Sarah Jane, BLOGGER, She is Sarah Jane
Jenny Cajucom, Nurse, @glamnursejenny

Leave us a comment if you would wear this for your baby shower!

3 thoughts on “Baby shower dress: Style Keepers

  1. good morning i am in love with this dress, on what website can i fine this Dress? would love to wear it for my baby shower coming up this Friday May 5th ,2017
    please help me


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