3 ballerinas that will keep you stylish, pregnant or not! 

One thing that gets me really excited is getting a new pair of shoes! It’s probably also the reason why I love so much spring & summer, because I can store my  winter boots and buy myself new pairs of ballerinas, sandals or heels (which is more exciting than winter boots)! So, when Seraphine sent me ballerinas from their new collection, I couldn’t be more excited! There’s nothing I hate more than being uncomfortable in my shoes, and finding ballerinas that are actually really comfortable is not that easy.

During pregnancy, it is important to be comfortable and to take good care of your back.
Since you’re carrying a heavier weight and your natural alignment is affected, it is important to choose wisely a good pair of shoes for your everyday routine that can prevent back pain.  These  Seraphine ballerinas will take care of your back! They were designed in collaboration with orthopaedic doctors in order to improve your posture and help to ease your aches & pains. So how can these stylish ballerinas be pregnancy shoes? They ensure proper support with a hidden wedge heel  amongst other things. Discover how these ballerinas are designed here!

We’ve been lucky enough to have warm weather in Montreal for a few days. I’ve been walking around with them and I must say I love how comfortable they are and how stylish they look with my outfits! These are the pregnancy shoes you want to get, because, not only they will make you feel comfortable, but you’ll want to wear them after pregnancy!

Would you have thought my ballerinas were pregnancy shoes? Scroll down to see how I styled my Seraphine ballerinas.

Photographer: Joel Fernandez


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iconWhich of these ballerinas are your favorites? Let us know in a comment below!


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