Ringing in the new year often prompts us to pledge resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. The surge of enthusiastic exercisers flood the gyms in January, and the new crowds vanish by mid-March. So how can you avoid a new year’s fitness resolution fail?

Here are six tips to help keep you on track!

1.Set attainable goals

The notion of a “healthier me” can be extremely exciting, but trying to fast track your routine in hopes to gain immediate results will lead to overexercising, overuse injuries and overcommitting. I always tell my clients, committing to being healthy is a lifestyle. It goes without saying that pregnancy is no time to diet or to jump into a rigorous exercise program, but its still a time you can improve upon your fitness, strength and endurance levels. Pregnant or not, you should never go from being sedentary to exercising 5-7 days a week. Instead, ease into a routine, and engage in physical activity 3 days a week. Start with low impact cardio (walking, stationary bike, elliptical) and enroll in beginner class or ask for modifications if there are no beginner options available (if you are not yet showing be sure to notify your instructor you are expecting), and build from there.

2. Make your new goals a priority

Schedule your workouts and commit. Mark it on your calendar and treat it with the same importance as you would a doctor’s appointment. Choose a time to workout that fits in your everyday schedule, a time that its hard to conflict with other activities/priorities. For instance if you are not a morning person, don’t think you will magically be motivated to workout at 5:00am. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Find a time in the day that you can easily transition to your workouts perhaps at lunch or right after work. If you have other children at home, a good option would be to find a gym to find one that offers child care, or take advantage of an evening class when your husband/partner is able to be home with the kids.

3. Be flexible. Life happens!

If you can’t make it to the gym because of work, or you couldn’t find a sitter, No worries! Don’t think if you miss a day or even a week its time to throw in the towel. Thanks to technology, you can substitute easier than ever, if you missed your favorite class at the gym or studio, find a video on youtube (check out Boobs&Belly fitness videos on our youtube channel). Don’t wait until next year to try again, tomorrow is a fresh start and a new day!

4. Utilize Your Motivation Triggers

On the days you are too tired or just can’t seem to get off the couch, think about whatever inspires or influences your drive to be healthy. Choosing a class or workout method you enjoy, will make the process so much easier and actually make you want to come back for more! If you need a little more motivation and don’t think you will make it to a gym, hire a trainer to work with you one-on-one so you can be accountable and get off to a successful start.

5. Relieve Stress

Blame it on raging hormones or lack of sleep, whatever the reason stressful situations are bound to happen, but before it builds to the point of no control; get dressed, throw on your kicks, turn up the music and go for that walk/run, or head to the gym. It’s the best way to release those feel good endorphins, keep you happy, on track and focused.

6. Reward Yourself

Give yourself a weekly reward system. Exercise? Check. Eating Healthy? Check. Now find a reward that will make you smile. A massage, shopping, even just alone time. Create your own reward system that will help motivate you and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Stay strong and active and honestly that in itself is the best reward for both you and baby! Stay strong mama, you got this!!

Remember: Be sure before beginning or participating in an exercise program you obtain clearance from your doctor. You can start an exercise program at any point during your pregnancy wether you are 8 weeks or 6 months, just make sure that you begin with your doctor’s approval and you begin gradually and make sure not to overexert yourself.

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