The faux pas of exercise and pregnancy is long gone! Pregnant mamas are staying fit and active, and social media is flooded with bare belly bathroom selfies! So many women are recognizing the importance of exercise during pregnancy and reaping the benefits!

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, these are just a couple reasons why you should:

  • Exercise substantially reduces the rate of C-sections and forceps
  • Pregnant women who exercise have shorter labor times
  • Exercise decreases the discomforts of pregnancy related to hemorrhoids, varicose veins,backaches and fatigue
  • Exercise improves relaxation, circulation, bowel function, balance reactions, cardiovascularendurance, and self esteem
  • Exercise helps reduce swelling
  • New mothers who exercised during pregnancy returned to pre-pregnancy weight faster

Not sure where to begin?

First obtain clearance from your doctor, and hop online to see what certified pre/post natal fitness professional are in your area, schedule a one-on- one session or join a class. No matter what type of exercise you are doing, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Every day, every trimester and even every pregnancy is different! What worked for your first pregnancy may not be the same program you stick with for your second. Staying strong and active during pregnancy will make recovery and lugging around the baby carrier so much easier (healthier tissue repairs itself faster)!

Now, what to wear to the gym or studio to get that work out in?

Boobs & Belly designed a pre/post natal activewear clothing line for mamas just like you! An Ultimate Tank that fuses elements of high end fashion with functionality. This top hasexpandable side panels, stylish clasps that unsnap for nursing, inserts for either nursing/support pads, and adjustable straps. If you need more support for higher impact exercises or just feel like you want a pop of color check out the Support Bandeau, the perfect accessory to the Ultimate Tank. The Staple Piece Collection is completed with the Stripe Capri that you can wear high waisted or folded over to wear below the belly. The double lined gusset will prevent any embarrassing sweat stains and the signature criss-cross waist band will help keep you supported and comfortable during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. This line is designed with the highest quality fabrics, and notions made to carry you from pregnancy into motherhood.

To find out more about the Staple Piece Collection and exercise and pregnancy, visit


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