As all of you may know, it is crucial to take folic acid while pregnant. Most of all, it is important to consume folic acid three months before conceiving, as well as during the three first months of your pregnancy. Folic acid is a vitamin B that will help reduce the risk of birth defects. A lack of this vitamin will result in symptoms of anemia for pregnant women. As for the future baby, a lack of folic acid could lead to brain disorders (neural tube defects) or low birth weight.

For a pregnant woman, we recommend a daily dose of folic acid of 800 mg, which is double the amount of a regular adult. It is highly recommended to take folic acid supplements during your pregnancy because it would be complicated to consume it just by eating food. However, it is always great to know which foods contain high amounts of folic acid.

If you could choose only one food to get your folic acid it would be chayote. This vegetable is a type of squash that has a similar taste to zucchini. It is frequently used in Latin American dishes. You can easily incorporate it in soups or with other vegetables. Its folic acid content is 93 mg per 100 g, which is pretty good.

So don’t be scared to try this vegetable; it tastes good and it’s consumption is highly beneficial during your pregnancy!


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