Keeping my skin fresh with Aveeno

I recently got the opportunity of trying the new Aveeno skin care products which include face care products! I’ve known Aveeno for their body creams & baby products, so I was pretty excited to try them. After using them for a month, I found that the skin relief moisturizing lotion, not only smelled good, but kept my skin hydrated without leaving it sticky. I also tried for the first time their skin relief hand cream, and what I loved the most is that it feels so light on my skin. It doesn’t make my hands feel greasy. I would use these two creams mostly during summer since they are really light.

I love trying new face products, since I have a tendency to have oily skin, I’m always looking for face creams that will improve my skin. I personally found that the Positively radiant daily moisturizer was a little bit to heavy for my skin. I would use this cream during winter if I’m staying  outside for a long period. I would recommend this cream to people who have really dry skin. The overnight hydrating facial is definitely something I will use once a week. I love that you don’t have to rinse it. You just leave it in for the night and wake up with a glowing skin!

I hope this review was helpful! Leave me a comment with your favorite product from Aveeno!

Our favorite lipsticks for June

Lipsticks are definitely one of our favorite things to buy! We really think that they can change your whole look! This month, we really are into peachy & mauve nudes! We love the Cream lip stains from Sephora and the Matte lipsticks from NYX cosmetics. As for glosses, this month, we are wearing the MarvelousMoxie glosses from BareMinerals. We really love that they don’t feel heavy on the lips! Check out also our favorites from MAC!

Favorite spot for hair: BLOME

Wedding season is just around the corner, and we wanted timageo share with you one of our favorite places where you can get your hair done and look like a bumpshell that you are! Blome Blow dry Bar is in the old port and is definitely one our favorites. What’s best than getting your hair done while watching Sex & the City and sipping some mimosas (for those who are not preggy yet)? Yes, you can do all that and also get your nails done all in one place! Plus their braids are amazing!! We’re never disappointed when going to Blome, they just make our hair look perfect! Scroll to see some of their hair styles! Continue reading “Favorite spot for hair: BLOME”

A Safe Manicure while Pregnant | Une Manucure Sécuritaire Enceinte

Manicure & Pregnancy
Pregnancy makes women realize that many everyday actions need to be reassessed as a safety measure for babies under construction! Without going crazy and to help get the same care as before, we have grouped our top tips to ensure that mothers can maintain their perfect manicure and pedicure, despite this exciting change in their lives.

Here are our top tips:

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