Day to Night with Seraphine

When buying maternity dresses, you should always consider buying one that you can wear at work and one for special occasions. We’ve found these two  dresses from Seraphine Maternity that will keep you fashionable day to night! For work, we’ve chosen this dress with zip details on the side that is more casual. For a night out, we fell in love with this off-the-shoulder dress! It just doesn’t look like a typical maternity dress and we love it! It will make you look fabulous! Outfit details are at the end of the post.
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Perfect look for V-day with Stowaway Collection

In Montreal, dressing up during winter can be pretty hard, especially when you still want to look stylish! So finding an outfit for Valentine’s Day can be pretty challenging. We recently discovered this new maternity brand and we think it has the perfect dress for Montreal’s winter. This long sleeve dress from Stowaway Collection is amazing for two things: it makes you look sexy and keeps you warm! The dress fabric is in Bamboo Cotton Fleece and it’s just so soft for the skin! We love it and the colour is just perfect for this season. ❤️ Enter our giveaway on Instagram for a chance to win this dress and look fabulous this winter too! Continue reading “Perfect look for V-day with Stowaway Collection”

Velvet & Silver

This fall, we’re in love with velvet and pleated skirts! Wearing velvet during pregnancy can be very hard since it’s not a fabric that stretches a lot. This is why we opt here for a crop top. As for the pleated skirt, we opt for one that has an elastic band, instead of one with a zipper since those ones are more difficult to fit. Continue reading “Velvet & Silver”