Working out with Kelsey Crane & Body by Jenn LA

As you may have notice, staying active is something that is really important to us here at The Fashion Bump! This week, we are excited to show you our bumpshell Kelsey Crane working out with her trainer @bodybyjennla! We are lucky to have them sharing Kelsey’s work out, so you can try it at home! Watch video for work out!

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6 Ways to Rock Your New Year’s Resolution by Boobs&Belly

Ringing in the new year often prompts us to pledge resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. The surge of enthusiastic exercisers flood the gyms in January, and the new crowds vanish by mid-March. So how can you avoid a new year’s fitness resolution fail? Continue reading “6 Ways to Rock Your New Year’s Resolution by Boobs&Belly”

Strength Circuit by Boobs&Belly

Baby carriers, heavy diaper bags, and strollers OH MY! As new mamas there is so much we need strong muscles for, especially if you have other little ones at home that will only add to the load! Now is the time to get STRONG and prepare for motherhood! Be sure to stretch prior to your workout to get your body warmed up, always have water nearby by to stay hydrated. Continue reading “Strength Circuit by Boobs&Belly”

Staying active in style with MummActiv!

Staying active is something that you should always keep in your routine. Yes, it may be hard at the beginning and Yes, there are days when staying in bed is more appealing than going to the gym, But nothing feels better than finishing a good work out. Working out gives me more energy and takes all my stress away!

Being pregnant is not an excuse to stop working out (unless you have a special condition). And if your excuse is that there isn’t nice activewear for pregnant moms, MummActiv got your back!  Continue reading “Staying active in style with MummActiv!”

Boobs & Belly talking about Labor training!

Everyone has their own birth story. . .some women are blessed with an easy 1,2,3, PUSH and baby is here! Some mamas (myself included) labor for hours and need strength, stamina, energy, and a strong core to deliver and recover post-partum. No matter which category you fall into, one thing is certain EVERY MAMA will benefit from exercise and pregnancy and even baby too! Last blog I touched on some of the reasons why you should exercise during pregnancy so let me elaborate a little more on why every pregnant mama needs to train for their due date.   Continue reading “Boobs & Belly talking about Labor training!”

Boobs & Belly giving us the secrets of working out during pregnancy!

The faux pas of exercise and pregnancy is long gone! Pregnant mamas are staying fit and active, and social media is flooded with bare belly bathroom selfies! So many women are recognizing the importance of exercise during pregnancy and reaping the benefits! Continue reading “Boobs & Belly giving us the secrets of working out during pregnancy!”

Exercises to Avoid during Pregnancy | Exercices à Éviter durant la Grossesse

Working out while you’re pregnant might me tricky. It’s hard to know what’s feasible and what’s off-limits. In collaboration with Emerson from Turnier Cross Training, we decided to create a little guide of what’s better to avoid during your pregnancy.

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Pre-Pregnancy: Core Strength | Entraînement des Abdominaux avant la Grossesse

We are happy to introduce our first workout video with Emerson from Turnier Cross Training. In this routine, we are focussing on abs, because it is important to strengthen the core. During the pregnancy, your baby is adding weight to your body, and by doing these exercices it will help you to support that weight once you get pregnant.


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