Poppin’ bottles with ToteSavvy!

ToteSavvy did it again! Bringing new accessories that will make motherhood look a lot less traditionnal and more fashionable! Their new bottle bags will keep your milk cold or hot, but, also, will look so adorable with its “Poppin’ Bottles” print in the front! Plus, sh*t just got real with their new deluxe changing kit! Do we want? Yessss! Continue reading “Poppin’ bottles with ToteSavvy!”

Things you need to know before flying

As the holidays are approaching really fast,  a lot of you will probably be flying to join your families or simply just to take a vacation! When your pregnant, there are things that you need to check before flying, things that sometimes may not be that obvious. We’ve created a little reminder for you girls! Continue reading “Things you need to know before flying”