6 Ways to Rock Your New Year’s Resolution by Boobs&Belly

Ringing in the new year often prompts us to pledge resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. The surge of enthusiastic exercisers flood the gyms in January, and the new crowds vanish by mid-March. So how can you avoid a new year’s fitness resolution fail? Continue reading “6 Ways to Rock Your New Year’s Resolution by Boobs&Belly”

Bumpshell of the Week: Kelsey Crane for The Fashion Bump

I couldn’t be more excited to present my interview with this bumpshell: Kelsey Crane!! You may know her from Chasing Life or Casa Vita, or may follow her on instagram to watch her cute bump grow! But not only is she an actress, she is also a #Bossgirl owning @quenchlife & Girl Behavior, and now a new mom-to-be! Continue reading “Bumpshell of the Week: Kelsey Crane for The Fashion Bump”

Strength Circuit by Boobs&Belly

Baby carriers, heavy diaper bags, and strollers OH MY! As new mamas there is so much we need strong muscles for, especially if you have other little ones at home that will only add to the load! Now is the time to get STRONG and prepare for motherhood! Be sure to stretch prior to your workout to get your body warmed up, always have water nearby by to stay hydrated. Continue reading “Strength Circuit by Boobs&Belly”

Baby shower dress: Style Keepers

If you’re the kind of bumpshell that lovesss bandage dresses, now this is YOUR baby shower dress! We spotted this dress on a few bumpshells and you definetely need it(even if you’re not pregnant!). You can get it at StyleKeepers and the dress is: FEEL THE VIBE BANDAGE DRESS! Tip from the bumpshells: they didn’t buy it in a bigger size because the fabric is really stretchable! We like! Scroll down to see how the bumpshells styled it! Continue reading “Baby shower dress: Style Keepers”