This week, our favorite product is the D-Bronzi Anti-pollution Sunshine Serum by Drunk ElephantI wish this product was created before! I’m obsessed by this serum! This serum acts like Vitamine D,  but in reality it contains: Omega-rich virgin marula, black current seed oils, vitamin F (fatty acids) and many anti-oxidants! This serum will protect your skin against the pollution and also give you that bronzy glow without harming your skin like the sun does!

I mix this serum to my face moisturizer (I add 1 drop) but you can mix it also with your face oil, other face serum & sunscreen. You can also apply it, not only on your face, but all over your body.

This serum is now part of my daytime skincare routine, as I work nightshifts and don’t go outside as much to get my natural vitamin D, this serum helps a lot! You’ll see right away a difference, even my boyfriend said my skin looked nicer! I highly recommend this serum and it’s pregnant friendly! WE LOVE!

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