Baby carriers, heavy diaper bags, and strollers OH MY! As new mamas there is so much we need strong muscles for, especially if you have other little ones at home that will only add to the load! Now is the time to get STRONG and prepare for motherhood! Be sure to stretch prior to your workout to get your body warmed up, always have water nearby by to stay hydrated.

Depending on fitness level prior to pregnancy, this is something that is safe for all trimesters. Choose a weight that you feel comfortable lifting. If you are unsure, its best to start with a lighter weight and work your way up to avoid any potential injuries. Remember ALWAYS listen to your body! If an exercise feels uncomfortable, skip it and move on to the next one.


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    Begin with your feet wider than hips width apart toes slightly turned out. Inhale as you squat down, exhale as you come up engaging your pelvic floor and hug your baby! When you stand up give those glutes and extra squeeze! Perform 25.


    Chop with Squat

    Begin with one weight overhead, squat down (inhale), bring your arms down in a diagonal line towards the outside of your right hip. Exhale lifting back up (hug that baby!), bring your arms back to your starting point above your head and continue to repeat for 10 chops each side.Be sure not to allow your knees to go over your toes, when you squat down distribute your weight towards the back of your heels.Your belly may get in the way towards the end of your third trimester, so depending on the size of your belly, you can either continue or skip.

    Single Leg Knee lifts

    Still holding onto one weight start just like the exercise above arms above your head, pelvis neutral, (inhale) as you slowly lower those arms, lift your right knee up towards it, (exhale) slowly place your foot back on the floor and bring arms back to starting position. Keep a soft bend in that standing leg. Perform 10 on the right then switch for 10 on the left.


    Romanian Dead lift

    Before you begin stand up tall, you want to maintain a neutral spine during this exercise, and keep your lumbar, thoracic spine, head and neck all in line. Keep your knees soft, don’t hyperextend and inhale on the way down, and exhale lifting pelvic floor on the way up. Perform 10.

    Good old fashioned bicep curls

    Begin with arms down to your side and slowly lift up
    squeezing those biceps and slowly lower down. Exhale engaging that pelvic floor and hugging your baby as you lift and curl and inhale and relax your pelvic floor muscles on the way down. Be sure not to swing your arms, try counting 1-2- 3 up and 1-2- 3- down. Perform 12.

  6. PED DEC

    Pec Dec

    Standing with feet hips width apart, knees soft and pelvis neutral, begin with your arms in a goal post position (90 degrees), keeping elbows at shoulder height, maintain that position and bring your forearms together, squeezing your chest on the exhale and inhale as you release coming back to your starting position. Perform 10.

    Single arm row with a Kickback

    Begin by stepping your right let out in front of you, left leg behind. Prop your right hand on your right thigh, and hinge at the hips leaning forward so your back is not hyperextended or curved, keeping it flat. Weight is in left hand, extend your left hand in front of you and pull up into a row, squeeze your shoulder blade, hold that position and hinge at the elbow and extend your arm back behind you transitioning into a tricep kickback, then hinge back slowly, be sure not to swing, and come back down into your starting position. Perform 10 each side.

Depending on fitness level repeat this circuit 2-3 times

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For more information regarding exercise and pregnancy please visit our website

Shoutout to mama Jennifer for demonstrating our exercises!

Very important to remember mamas, don’t forget your core! Be mindful of your core during ALL exercises: Mindful breathing inhale to prepare and relax / Exhale contract, engage your core and lift your pelvic floor; give your baby a hug!

Always obtain clearance from your doctor prior to beginning/participating in any workout.

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