Bumpshell of the week: Ally from Gumboot Glam

This week, our bump crush is the blogger Ally Gradley! And in case you didn’t follow her pregnancy on social media, we wanted to share with you our favorite outfits! We love how she could always rock tight dresses! Scroll down to see our faves! Continue reading “Bumpshell of the week: Ally from Gumboot Glam”

Bumpshell of the week: Cella Jane

This week, our bump crush is Becky from Cella Jane blog! She is the definition of effortless chic! We love how she always looks so feminine and makes all her outfits look easy. Her maternity pictures are just so magical with her wearing lingerie & maxi slip! We hope you enjoy our favorite looks from Becky! Continue reading “Bumpshell of the week: Cella Jane”

Bumpshell of the week: Priscilla Ventura

This week, our wednesday crush is Priscilla Ventura! Choosing our favorite outfits from Priscilla wasn’t an easy task because she just looks flawless in everything that she wears. We must say that blush and pink are our favorite colours on her! Scroll down to see more! Continue reading “Bumpshell of the week: Priscilla Ventura”

Perfect look for V-day with Stowaway Collection

In Montreal, dressing up during winter can be pretty hard, especially when you still want to look stylish! So finding an outfit for Valentine’s Day can be pretty challenging. We recently discovered this new maternity brand and we think it has the perfect dress for Montreal’s winter. This long sleeve dress from Stowaway Collection is amazing for two things: it makes you look sexy and keeps you warm! The dress fabric is in Bamboo Cotton Fleece and it’s just so soft for the skin! We love it and the colour is just perfect for this season. ❤️ Enter our giveaway on Instagram for a chance to win this dress and look fabulous this winter too! Continue reading “Perfect look for V-day with Stowaway Collection”

Staying active in style with MummActiv!

Staying active is something that you should always keep in your routine. Yes, it may be hard at the beginning and Yes, there are days when staying in bed is more appealing than going to the gym, But nothing feels better than finishing a good work out. Working out gives me more energy and takes all my stress away!

Being pregnant is not an excuse to stop working out (unless you have a special condition). And if your excuse is that there isn’t nice activewear for pregnant moms, MummActiv got your back!  Continue reading “Staying active in style with MummActiv!”

Our favorite looks from My Showroom Blog

This week’s bumpshell is Priscila Betancort from My Showroom blog! This spanish girl sure knows how to dress and her bump is not an excuse! This bumpshell can wear a really sophisticated outfit with a pair of sneakers and still manages to look chic! Choosing our favorite outfits from her pregnancy was pretty hard but here are our top loved! Continue reading “Our favorite looks from My Showroom Blog”

Bumpshell of the week: Kerina from Mango Rabbit Rabbit 

This week, our bump crush is: Kerina from the blog KERINAMANGO! She is mostly known as @mangorabbitrabbit on instagram and we are simply in love with all her dresses! She makes us daydream with all her outfits! Scroll down to see our faves!

pssst: she has an online shop where she sells her clothing! All links are below! Continue reading “Bumpshell of the week: Kerina from Mango Rabbit Rabbit “