Dreamy Baby Showers you must see!

We’ve been wanting to do this post for a long time and I’m happy to finally share it with you! These dreamy baby showers that we have spotted on instagram are just so magical! Imagine arriving at your baby shower and seeing this! Lauren, Nadia & Thida‘s baby showers are GOALS. Continue reading “Dreamy Baby Showers you must see!”

Luna’s Birth Story by The Bazaar Mumma

This week, we are sharing the part 2 of the birth story from the Bazaar Mumma! If you’d like to catch up, you can read part 1 here, otherwise she’ll pick up from where she left off…

As I reached the later stage of my pregnancy, Luna was still in a breech position (bottom down) as she now sat nicely in the right chamber of my uterus with her legs stretched out completely in the left. Clearly not being a good candidate for a natural birth this time around I was booked in for a c-section at 39 weeks. My obstetrician wanted to wait as long as possible to maximise the growth of the baby although I was on close watch to see any signs of labour. Continue reading “Luna’s Birth Story by The Bazaar Mumma”

Strength Circuit by Boobs&Belly

Baby carriers, heavy diaper bags, and strollers OH MY! As new mamas there is so much we need strong muscles for, especially if you have other little ones at home that will only add to the load! Now is the time to get STRONG and prepare for motherhood! Be sure to stretch prior to your workout to get your body warmed up, always have water nearby by to stay hydrated. Continue reading “Strength Circuit by Boobs&Belly”

Meet our Fitness Collaborator | Rencontrez Notre Collaborateur d’Entrainement

Emerson Turnier

The Fashion Bump is proud to announce a collaboration with Emerson Turnier for our fitness section. Continue reading “Meet our Fitness Collaborator | Rencontrez Notre Collaborateur d’Entrainement”

Supermom’s Food : Ginger | Aliment de Supermaman : Gingembre

Lately, we see superfoods everywhere; those foods that have extraordinary health benefits. However, it should be remembered that this term is more used in a marketing way than the medical way. However, this does not contradict that certain foods have positive properties on the human body.

Source: fitnesskites.com
As part of our first micro-column on foods to integrate during pregnancy, we introduce you the root of superfoods, ginger!

Ginger is particularly recognized for its effect on edema, nausea and even vomiting. Indeed, ginger can reduce or improve the water retention often associated with pregnancy syndromes. This powerful food may further relieve a queasy stomach. Continue reading “Supermom’s Food : Ginger | Aliment de Supermaman : Gingembre”