What Fish should you avoid when pregnant?

When learning that you’re pregnant, one of the first things you change is your diet. You’re now eating for two and you want to get the best nutrients for you and your baby. You’ll want to avoid all the bad food but that isn’t so easy!  Eating fish can be bad if you don’t eat the right type of fish, but you can also be missing out if you totally cut-out fish from your diet! Fish is really important during pregnancy since it provides so many benefits for you and your baby! So here’s a little memo to help you eat fish safely during your pregnancy and while breastfeeding! Continue reading “What Fish should you avoid when pregnant?”

Teas & Herbal Teas during Pregnancy

Pregnancy bring changes to your body; during that period, something that you used to consume frequently might react differently to you while pregnant.

A good example of that are teas and herbal teas. Did you know that some of them aren’t recommended at all while pregnant?  Continue reading “Teas & Herbal Teas during Pregnancy”

Bump Superfood: Chayote

As all of you may know, it is crucial to take folic acid while pregnant. Most of all, it is important to consume folic acid three months before conceiving, as well as during the three first months of your pregnancy. Folic acid is a vitamin B that will help reduce the risk of birth defects. A lack of this vitamin will result in symptoms of anemia for pregnant women. As for the future baby, a lack of folic acid could lead to brain disorders (neural tube defects) or low birth weight. Continue reading “Bump Superfood: Chayote”

Calorie Needs During Pregnancy | Les Calories pendant la Grossesse


You are probably wondering how many calories your body really needs while you’re pregnant. While pregnancy is not the time to lose weight, you should not use it as an excuse to eat more than necessary.

Research shows the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery is lowest when weight gain is kept within a healthy range. Obesity during pregnancy is a potential threat for both mother and child, increasing the risk of gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, Cesarean delivery, birth defects and even fetal death among others. Not to mention that obesity during pregnancy also raises the chance of the developing baby being obese later in life. Therefore, understanding your energy needs for every trimester will help you better manage and control your pregnancy weight to keep you and your baby stay in top shape! Continue reading “Calorie Needs During Pregnancy | Les Calories pendant la Grossesse”

4 Tips to Keep your Nutrition on Track | 4 Trucs Nutritionnels


1-Start with calculating your BMI & determining which of the categories, mentioned previously, you fall into then establish your weight gain budget up to your due date.

2-Keep track of your weight weekly on a small notepad. Make sure you always weigh yourself in the morning and in your pjs to get the most accurate weight measurement. Don’t let that stress you out, it is only to keep you aware of whether you are gaining unnecessary weight or not. Continue reading “4 Tips to Keep your Nutrition on Track | 4 Trucs Nutritionnels”

Perfect Guide for a Healthy Preggo Weight | Guide du Poids Santé Enceinte


Are you worried about the extra kilos of fat you might end up with after delivery? You shouldn’t be! Your weight will & should increase as your fetus grows and it doesn’t only include your baby’s weight but also your blood volume, placenta, amniotic fluid, breasts and fat stores will increase in volume.

Don’t freak out! Here’s a guide to help you understand healthy weight gain while pregnant. Continue reading “Perfect Guide for a Healthy Preggo Weight | Guide du Poids Santé Enceinte”

Body Ready for a Healthy Pregnancy | Corps Prêt à une Grossesse Saine


What you need to know

Ladies, your bodies provide the environment for the growth and development of a new human being. Getting yourself ready physically, mentally and emotionally for the many changes to come will help you will go through an easier and healthier pregnancy. Continue reading “Body Ready for a Healthy Pregnancy | Corps Prêt à une Grossesse Saine”