Matcha has become really trendy during the last years and is also known for so many benefits! But, while ordering my matcha latte, I started wondering if it was safe during pregnancy, since it contains caffeine. I started doing a little research and here is what I found!

To begin, Matcha is known to be good for your health for several reasons which are:

  • Rich in anti-oxidant
  • May decrease liver disease
  • May help protect against heart disease
  • Decreases level of cholesterol
  • May reduce high pressure

Matcha contains way less caffeine than a regular coffee, which means you don’t have to limit yourself as much as coffee! YAY! During your pregnancy, you shoudn’t consume more than 300mg of caffeine per day. One brewed cup of coffee contains in average 95mg of caffeine but it can vary between 65-120 mg depending of the kind of coffee you drink and the brand!

When it comes to matcha, 1 gram (which is 1/2 teaspoon) contains 34mg of caffeine! So, 1 teaspoon of matcha contains 68mg of caffeine! So, your cup of matcha tea will contain only 68mg of caffeine if you prepare it with only one teaspoon! What you need to know is that Matcha should be avoided during the conception and first trimester of the pregnancy as, apparently, it can prevent the absorption of folic acid.

How do you enjoy your matcha? Let us know in a comment below!



    • Yanira Cerritos Reply

      Totally right but only during the conception and first trimester of the pregnancy! It is safe after that! Will update the post! Thank you for your feedback!

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