Pregnancy bring changes to your body; during that period, something that you used to consume frequently might react differently to you while pregnant.

A good example of that are teas and herbal teas. Did you know that some of them aren’t recommended at all while pregnant? 

The reason why some teas are not recommended, even if you may use some of them to cook, is because they are much more concentrated in teas! Their high level could actually harm the baby or lead to miscarriage.

Here is a list to help you know what’s good and what’s not during your pregnancy?

The ones to favor

  • Ginger herbal tea and mint herbal tea : will help ease your morning sickness
  • Rooibos tea – full of antioxydants and caffeine-free
  • Green teas and white teas are safe

The ones to avoid

  • Red Rasberry herbal teas – could start contractions
  • Dandelions teas
  • Ginseng teas
  • Rosemary hearbal teas
  • Lemongrass teas
  • Sage hearbal teas
  • Licorice root teas
  • Hibiscus herbal tea
  • Yerba Mate
  • Passion flower
  • Roman Chamomille

This list is not an exhaustive one. Keep in mind that herbs are more concentrated in teas than in food, so it would be wise to not abuse. Consume them in moderation and ask your your doctor’s opinion before anything.

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