Many of you may know (if you watch my Instagram story) that I got microblading & shading done on my brows! I’m super happy with the results and would definitely recommend it if your brows bother you and you want to fix them! This procedure is not like a regular makeup tattoo because the coloration is temporary. The ink applied goes into the upper layers of the skin and the result can last from 6 months to a year depending on how you take care of your skin. BUT, this is something you CAN’T do during your pregnancy, and here’s why!

First, you want to avoid any risk of contracting HIV or/and Hepatitis B. The risks of infection are the same as in a tattoo.  Second, your facial tissues are different during your pregnancy. The swelling and fluid retention causes stretching to your skin! Once you have given birth and the swelling has disappeared, the microblading done during a pregnancy can change shape and won’t look good. Finally, during pregnancy, you can suffer from discoloration on your facial skin. This discoloration can affect the color of your microblading! Once your skin finds its natural color again, the color of your microblading won’t look as natural! Also, remember that your skin is more sensitive, hence it may hurt more and heal slower.

Conclusion, you want to avoid getting any infection and you don’t want to end up with worse brows then you had! Better wait after pregnancy!


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