We’re already in March, who would’ve of thought! The first two months of this year have been crazy busy! To begin the year, I was lucky enough to visit last minute a place that I’ve always wanted to visit: The United Arab Emirates! I spent 8 days in Dubai and spent one day in Abu Dhabi but that wasn’t enough time to see everything that is going on in those cities. I only had one day to visit Abu Dhabi, so I had to choose what I really wanted to see, which were the new Le Louvre museum and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Abu Dhabi is an hour drive from Dubai, so if you’re visiting Dubai, you definitely should make a detour to Abu Dhabi! I was with friends so we decided to take a cab which was worth it since we split the fare between the 4 of us!
The first stop we did was at Le Louvre museum. If you’re not a fan of art, the architecture of this place should convince you to pay a visit! This place was incredible with the mix of water and the modern architecture. The visit of the museum took us less than 2 hours, and at the end there’s a little cute café where you can seat outside. The day I went was really windy, hopefully during the spring & summer it’s warmer and less windy!
The second stop and my most anticipated visit was at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. I’ve been dreaming for years to visit this place and finally did! It’s as majestic and beautiful as in all the pictures I had seen before! The only downside is that there is so many people that you can’t really enjoy the moment and it didn’t feel that spiritual! I’ll probably recommend to go early before all the tourists arrive! Don’t forget that you should wear a proper attire when going to Abu Dhabi, clothes that cover your shoulders and that don’t show your legs.
These were my two stops in Abu Dhabi and I’m soo happy I could finally see these great architectures! What are your favorite spots in Abu Dhabi? Let me know in a comment below!

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