I’ve recently started using Biossance skincare! I was curious about their products for a while and couldn’t be more excited to finally try them, as i’ve heard so many good things about them! Biossance’s main ingredient is Squalane… but wait what is squalane? I had no clue what it was. After a little research, I found that squalane is  the result of processed squalene! Squalane is a saturated and stable hydrocarbon that is found naturally in the skin. Because Squalane is a 100% saturated oil, it makes it the most stable oil and the safest to use on your skin! Originally, it was  extracted from sharks, but now they produce it from plants! Biossance’s squalane comes from sugarcane! My favorites from Biossance are the Squalane+Probiotic Gel Moisturizer, the 100% Squalane Oil and the Squalane+Antioxidant cleansing cloth

The  Squalane+Probiotic Gel Moisturizer fits well my type of skin (mixed). It hydrates it without making it oily, I haven’t had any break outs and my skin feels so glowy! I wasn’t sure how to use the squalane oil as you can use it all over your body, but my favorite way to use it, is to apply it to my hands and feet as they become so dry especially during winter! The cleansing cloths removed very well my makeup, I love to use them before washing my face.

But why use squalane in your skincare?
  • Squalane is suitable for all skin types! 
  • It’s a super moisturizer!
  • Multitasker! You can use it on your hair, face, under eyes, lips and all over you body!
  • It’s perfect for sensitive skin as it is non-irritating!
  • It helps with oil control by regulating excess oil production.
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • It has a light texture and since it’s not heavy on the skin, you won’t break out!
  • It gives your skin protection from the free radicals that can cause age spots and premature aging!
  • It helps with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • It’s pregnant friendly!

What’s your favorite product from Biossance? Let me know in a comment below!


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