It finally feels like summer in Montreal! YAY! And we’re finally ready to embrace the heat and the sun! I recently shared on The Fashion Bump’s Instagram story a little reminder on the importance of staying hydrated when tanning or during really hot days. But, you should always hydrate yourself no matter what the weather is and especially now that you’re pregnant! 

It is recommended to drink 10 glasses of water which is the equivalent of 2,4 liters! If you’re more a «bottle of water» kind of person, it means; 5 bottles of water (500ml each)! But, again, this quantity may differ from a person to another. If you’re an active person, you may need more!

2,4 Liters?! How can I drink all this water?!

For people like me, who only drink water, this is something super easy and we don’t even think about it because it’s part of our routine! But, I know for others, this may sound like a lot of water. I recommend drinking 1 bottle of water (or 2 glasses of water) first thing in the morning! Then, have 1 bottle of water at lunch around noon, 1 bottle in the afternoon around 3-4pm, 1 bottle in the evening and 1bottle 1-2 before going to bed. For people who are active or during summer, I recommend drinking 1 more bottle of water throughout the day. Also, it’s easier to drink water before your meal since your stomach is not full yet!

Why should I drink this much water?

Now let’s dive into the more medical reasons:

  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Helps for swollen feet and ankles
  • Reduces the risk of bladder infection
  • Helps to prevent constipation
  • Prevents hemorrhoids
  • Reduces the risk of preterm labor since dehydration causes contractions

Still not sure? Remember to always ask your doctor!

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment with your tips to drink more water throughout your day!

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