February for me was all about making my tan last longer and give extra hydration to my skin! I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit Dubai in January and spent most of the time outside under the sun! It was just what I needed to break the canadian winter! But since my face skin was exposed more than usual to the sun (even if I applied sunscreen), I could feel that it needed extra hydration to prevent any wrinkles!

I gave another try to the Biossance Squalane Vitamine C+Rose oil. The first time I tried it, I felt like it wasn’t appropriate for my skin, but this time it worked wonders as my skin was dry because of the sun.  I used it with their Squalane+Probiotic Gel moisturizer as it’s made so it can be absorbed even with their oil. My skin started to feel soft again within a week! Another product that I integrated in my skin regimen is the Squalane + phyto-retinol serum! One of the down sides of exposing our skin to the sun is the wrinkles! So, I started using this newbie from Biossance which is made to reduce fine lines & wrinkles and to improve your skin firmness! I don’t have wrinkles but I wanted to prevent them and I do feel like my skin is more firm! This serum acts like retinol but without containing retinol and without irritating your face, which it’s also the perfect alternative for moms-to-be! If you don’t know if you should or not use retinol during your pregnancy, read this post!

My second goal for my skin was to keep my tan! I feel like I look more alive & healthy when I’m tanned, so I wanted to make it last longer! I started applying every week the Invisible Tan by Eco Tan .  I love the fact that you can apply it all over your body and your face as well! I usually apply it before going to bed (it’s the last step of my night skincare routine) and when I wake up my tan is on point! This tanning lotion is totally safe for pregnant mama’s as it’s made with organic and natural ingredients! Love, Love, Love!

What are your favorite products to use after sun exposure? Let me know in a comment below!


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