Today we are sharing the beautiful Laura Wizman‘s baby shower! Her baby shower was hosted before the quarantine. We know that currently you may not be able to have your regular baby shower due to the circumstances but here is a lovely inspiration for when things get back to normal <3

Laura: My baby shower took place on February 2nd at our @deuxpardeuxkids office and it was an absolute dream 🎀 💕 Spent the special day and moment surrounded with the people I love. This little girl is so incredibly loved and has the most amazing group of strong, supportive women & role models waiting to meet her and show her the way. Feeling all the love for our soon to be little family! A very special thank you to the BEST vendors & partners for making it so beautiful!!!  Xx

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#babyelmaleh 🎀🎀🎀

Details: (find them on instagram!)
Dress and earrings: @nouveaunoirboutique

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  1. I love the baby shower photos ! What great shots of the mommy and daddy to be. I wish I had some like that from my pregnancy!

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