Holidaying in Exmouth whilst 5 months pregnant plus a fiance with a fractured ankle (this means a moon boot and crutches) it all seemed like a terrible idea. Obviously when we booked this holiday neither of us were in this position, but we pushed on…. because we can achieve anything together. Oh and we did have 12 other friends coming along, thank goodness (I didn’t have to lift 1 bag!!).

Luckily for us the temp was 10 degrees cooler this year than the same time last year, but still hot! Thankfully Exmouth provided the goods with paddle boarding and snorkelling along Oyster Stacks and Turquoise Bay (along the Ningaloo Reef), sounds terrible right. While our heads were underwater gorking at the marine life and snapping all that we could with out gopro, our worries instantly vanished, his ankle de-swollen and the baby snoozing! Life was pretty amazing.

I held onto my precious bump as we drifted with the current… as if i was going to let that scrape along the coral.

The holiday turned out to be pretty dam good, plus I got to experience this part of Australia with a gorgeous baby growing inside me, how much better can you get? Yes I would do it again, even in the heat. You just need to remember to keep chilled and relax when your body is telling you too and enjoy all the moments.


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