Before we started blogging, we had no idea what was a baby moon. We starting noticing that a lot moms-to-be were talking about baby moons, so we got curious .

What exactly is a baby moon?

So basically, a baby moon is a vacation you take with your partner before the baby arrives! It’s a big trip where you can enjoy one last romantic getaway only the two of you and relax!

Popular places for the baby moon:

  • Mexico & the Caribbean islands
  • European cities (Paris, London, Stockholm)
  • American or canadian cities (like Chicago, New York, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver)
  • Beach cities (Miami, Los Angeles, Sydney, Cannes, Honolulu)
  • Staycation!

How to choose your perfect destination?

Travel time and access to medical facilities should influence your decision. You don’t want to spend  12 hours in a plane or have a really long layover. Also, you want to make sure you have fast access to good medical care in case of emergency.

Keep in mind that during this trip you don’t want to exhaust yourself, choose a destination that’s convenient for you!

When should you do your baby moon?

It is highly recommended to do it during the second trimester, since most of the discomforts of the first trimester are over and certain airlines don’t allow pregnant women during the third trimester.

Don’t forget you should always ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to travel!

What are your tips for a perfect baby moon? Don’t be shy, share with us!

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