If you follow our Instagram story, you probably know that I’ve been buying a lot of lipsticks! If I had an addiction that would probably be it, you can never have enough lipsticks! 

I’m a big fan of MAC and, in December, there was 25% off almost everything! So, I got myself all the nudes that I’ve been wanting for a long time.

Colors (left to right): Doe, Honey Love, Blankety, Velvet Teddy, Hug me, Strip me down.

I also ordered, for the very first time, liquid lipsticks from ColourPop! I’ve been hearing so many good comments about them and I couldn’t wait to try them! I must say, they’re are my favorite of the month! I got the “For fox sake” set because it had one gloss, 2 mattes, one satin and one metallic. So it’s a great set if you want to try different finishes!

Colors (top to bottom): Trap, Beeper, Echo Park, My Jam and Maneater.

Leave me a comment with your favorite lipstick!


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