To be honest, I never considered babywearing when I have my babies because I thought it just didn’t fit with  my style. Then, I discovered Artipoppe and changed my mind! Artipoppe creates these beautiful woven wraps made with cashmere, silk and other luxurious blends that are designed to match the modern mom! The Artipoppe wraps are not only stylish but have many beneficial effects for the babies & parents.

The babywearing method is mainly known for its bonding benefits. Since it allows to hold  the baby close to the parent, it gives the baby a feeling of security. Parents will be able to respond to the baby’s need almost immediately which will make them less likely to cry. This will create a happy interaction between them and will enhance the attachment! Held babies are happy babies! Babywearing will also help the babies to adjust to the outside world. When being placed against their mom’s chest, the babies will be able to hear the mother’s heartbeat which will remind them of the sounds in the womb. The whole experience of babywearing will enhance parents confidence and will help them adjust to their new role!

Aside from the bonding benefits, there are also health benefits! Did you know that colicky babies are happier when being held? Walking around with your baby creates a motion and the combination of warmth & rhythm will put your baby to sleep! Also, babywearing also improves their speech & listening skills since they are at the same level as your voice and will be more attentive to your conversations. Another beneficial effect comes from the stimuli that he or she is exposed to when being worn. These experiences help your baby to make connections and stimulate brain development.

Now, let’s talk about fashion! I don’t need to convince you that it can be fashionable! Just take a look at the pictures below and you’ll see how stylish you can be! What’s fun about babywearing is that it’s versatile. You can still use a baby wrap through toddlerhood and, once your toddler doesn’t fit anymore, you can use it also as a scarf or blanket. Babywearing can be pretty convenient since it allows you to have your hands free for day-to-day activities and allows you to reassure your baby right away with words without stopping what you’re doing! Plus, babywearing keeps you strong! Oh yeah and we like that! Wearing your baby while doing your errands will help you tone your body and increase your strength!

Do you really need more convincing?  Learn how to baby wear here.W-2handsome-2Supernatural-5ViolettaMatch-7

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