We looove staying long hours in the sun and finally getting a sun-kissed skin, especially here in Montreal where summer only last less then 3 months! But as your body is changing, now that you’re pregnant, there are a few things you need to know before tanning!

1- Apply sunscreen (a lot)!

Why? Your skin is more sensitive and will become darker more easily because the hormone that makes the skin react to the sun is higher during pregnancy!

2- Stay hydrated!

Lying for long hours in the sun can cause dehydration which is not good for the baby development and can also cause you contractions! Make sure to drink a lot of water! You should drink at least 2,4 liters a day! I know now this sounds like a lot! But it’s the equivalent of 10 glasses of water or 5 bottles of water! You can have one bottle of water when you wake up, one around noon, one during the afternoon, one in the evening, and one 1-2hours before going to bed! But, you can also drink more especially when it’s hot outside! We also love this mineral water spray for the face, it helps us to feel less hot (and to fix the makeup)!

3- Don’t stay for long hours under the sun.

It can cause dehydration and overheating! Try alternating between the shade and the sun!

4- Wear a hat!

5- Stay under a parasol!

And now time to enjoy the sun!



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