We couldn’t be more excited to present our first interview with one of our favorite bumpshells: Miriam Sternoff!! You already may have spotted her on Instagram with her unique & stylish outfits, but not only is she a blogger, but she is also a very talented Fashion Stylist & Consultant, the Star of the tv show Kosher Soul and now a new mom-to-be! 

Your style is very fashion-forward and edgy; how do you manage (or plan to manage) to keep up with your unique style now that you have a baby bump?

In my opinion, personal style is a matter of something you have from your inner self. It is something that is inherent and like anything else you work at it. Just because I am pregnant does not mean that I have to change my personal aesthetic or style. I more so focus on what silhouettes and what accentuates my new body.


How does your bump inspire you to make your style evolve?

I have to admit the first few months were a bit tricky for me. I really had a difficult time figuring out how to dress my changing body. All my pre pregnancy clothes still fit but a bit more snug and felt uncomfortable. I have always worn very drapey silhouettes with a lot of layers. Which doesn’t always work while your pregnant, especially because I am short. So it forced me to start experimenting a bit and get out of my comfort zone. I was never one for the most part to wear form fitting clothes and through this pregnancy it has really made me embrace my new curves and feel comfortable enough to show them off.

photo Miriam Sternoff


Do you have a favorite designer or brand during you maternity?

I cannot sing enough praises about Hatch Collection. Wether pregnant or not their aesthetic really speaks to my personal style. They have managed to design clothing that has a natural easy effortless feel without fuss, without comprising style or personality. Something that I have spoken about through my blog is if you are going to invest in pieces during your pregnancy, try and get things that you can wear postpartum and beyond. Hatch has managed to create timeless classic pieces that you can filter into your wardrobe and wear for years.



As a stylist consultant and TV personality what’s your biggest challenge now that you are pregnant?

I would say the biggest challenge is my ability to do certain things, my energy level is just not the same. As a stylist, I  am on my feet for long hours and it can be very physically demanding. I have had to force myself to take breaks and let other people help which is not easy for me.

Now that you are pregnant, did you change your lifestyle or some habits (fitness, healthier choices, etc.)?

I have always been someone that works out 4-5 times a week, I am one of those people that just enjoys working out. So integrating exercise into my life while preganant was easy. I am just now at a point where I have to scale back the kind of exercise I do as it just gets harder as my body grows bigger. My eating habits have also stayed the same for most part. I eat well, but if I want a slice of pizza or chocolate croissant I do not believe in holding back.

For our Confessions of a Preggo section on the Website: what part of your pregnancy do you find most difficult or challenging?

The most difficult part for me has been the hip and back pain. I developed that very early on, as I am pretty petit and my body is growing and spreading in ways that it is not used to. It has forced me to have to slow down and take it easy. Even just stop at times when I am really feeling the aches and pains. Scaling back is hard for me, I am someone who is on the move a lot because of my job and just life in general.

Miriam Sternoff, Blogger & Stylist,  MIRIAM STERNOFF, Photos Courtesy of Miriam Sternoff


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