I love to share my journey as a Health & Wellness Coach online to inspire other women that they too can live healthy active lifestyles.  Being that I am now 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I tend to receive “suggestions or concerned messages” from other mothers via social media.

It drives me crazy that if I post about eating hot deli meat, apple cider vinegar, a superfood Shake or heaven forbid post a video of me doing my usual high intensity workout, I will get concerned mothers asking me about MY personal choices as a pregnant woman.

I have never seen a post yet about why there are Millions of pregnant woman who choose to eat processed Fast food daily and decide that physical fitness is not safe for them being scrutinized or put under the microscope.  It really boggles my mind? McDonald’s is ok for pregnant woman but working out and eating healthy foods is alarming?
For the record, I run all things past my OB and what I fuel my body is also fueling my baby, which are healthy food items.  And I am pretty sure my daughter enjoys the jumps and bumps while I am working out, hey…she gets a free amusement ride before she is even born.
I believe that all moms should empower and uplift each other, not judge each other.  I only aim to help other women not criticize them.  Ok, rant over…this mama needs her snack!


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