The consistent commentary I received from the peanut gallery over the first 6 months of my pregnancy was, “You’re so tiny!”

I was only 113 lbs before I got pregnant, and I’m only 5″2… Was I supposed to become a beached whale immediately? I had a nice little bump and I was quite pleased with my progress. Enough people felt the need to pester me about my size that I even asked my doctor if I was too small. He told me the only people that get to be concerned with my size are him and me. And to him, I was the PERFECT size.

Now I am midway between 7 and 8 months, 25 lbs gained now, and the pressure on my pelvis has me waddling. I can see the eye rolls from some of my co-workers as I go by. These are some of the same people who felt the need to tell me how tiny I was. Now I’m showing considerably and they’re rolling their eyes at me! Are you serious?!

People lose their minds when someone comments that another person has gained weight or looks big for their age/size/etc. but it’s acceptable to tell a girl she’s small?! EXCUSE ME. “You’re so damn insensitive!” Get off my bump.

– Joslynn

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